Apps for Earth

Campaign: Apps for Earth
Company: Apple
Nonprofit Partner: World Wildlife Fund
Launch Date: April 14, 2016


The App Store and WWF have teamed up with 24 developers for Apps for Earth, a fundraising effort that features games, creative tools, fitness apps, and more. Until April 24, 100% of proceeds from participating apps and In-App Purchases will support WWF's conservation efforts. Participating apps all bear a modified icon to show their participation and are grouped together on a iTunes store page and featured in a customer email and and the company’s environmental page.

Our Take:

It’s always refreshing to see consumer-facing campaigns like this one from Apple since they tend to be few and far between. It appears Apple is going all out to support this WWF partnership and their participation in Earth Day with multi-channel activations from green employee t-shirts to turning the leaf on the Apple logo green at 132 stores.

As always, we're not fans of the 'percentage-of-proceeds' language and would prefer to know campaign minimum/maximum donations and specific donation amounts by participating apps. 
But while critics are sure to claim greenwashing, we’re encouraged to see Apple stepping up to become more involved in an environmentally-focused conversation and bringing consumers and app developers along in their powerful wake. 

Kiss Clutter Goodbye

Campaign: Kiss Clutter Goodbye
Company: The Container Store
Nonprofit: Goodwill
Launch Date: March 28, 2016


In a first-time partnership, Goodwill and The Container Store are teaming up for a campaign called Kiss Clutter Goodbye. Consumers are encouraged to donate funds to Goodwill or bring items for donation to The Container Store locations nationwide during two weekend donation events. Customers who donate goods or a minimum of $5 during these weekends will receive a free, co-branded bag from The Container Store to remind them to declutter and donate to Goodwill throughout the year.

Our Take:

The Container Store’s partnership with Goodwill seems a match made in home organizing heaven. Any good professional organizer will advise clearing out and making space prior to tackling an organization project and this partnership helps consumers accomplish both in one visit to The Container Store - how convenient! The Container Store is going ‘all in’ on communications for this campaign, including messaging about Goodwill in its direct mail, customer emails, social media and online marketing: a critical factor to any cause marketing campaign’s success. Perhaps next time a small discount coupon to be used during their visit to The Container Store would sweeten the incentive for would-be customers.

Quick aside: this campaign is just one example of how Goodwill is reinventing its business model. To hear about embracing innovation in an established nonprofit, be sure to join us for the 2016 Cause Marketing Forum to hear  a keynote on this topic by Goodwill’s Michael Meyer.


For the first time, Colgate will air a 30-second video “Save Water.” during Super Bowl 50 encouraging viewers to turn off the faucet while brushing their teeth. On average, people who leave the water running while brushing their teeth waste up to four gallons of water. In light of global water shortages, “Save Water” serves as a reminder that #EveryDropCounts and sets Colgate up to win brand loyalty by choosing a cause-focused message for their first Super Bowl appearance.

Super Bowl 50 'Play Your Part'

The San Francisco Bay Area Super Bowl 50 Host Committee set a goal to make this year’s event the most healthy, sustainable, shared, and socially responsible Super Bowl ever.

Together with The 50 Fund – the signature philanthropic initiative of Super Bowl 50 – the Super Bowl 50 Host Committee has made a commitment to deliver a ‘net positive’ event and is inviting the public to play its part by pledging to perform sustainable actions, such as properly recycling waste, carrying a reusable water bottle or taking public transit.  Once they have taken the pledge, fans are invited to help decide how over $200,000 is awarded to Bay-area environmental nonprofits. The incentive for participating? A chance to win a pair of Super Bowl 50 tickets. 

Agencies In/PACT and Citizen Group were partners in creating the consumer-facing 'Play Your Part' initiative.

Microsoft's Billion Dollar Commitment

This week, Microsoft made headlines when CEO Satya Nadella announced a $1 Billion (with a "B") commitment in cloud services over three years to 70,000 nongovernmental organizations and 900 university research projects. Last month the company launched a new organization within the company called Microsoft Philanthropies which is, "focused on driving digital inclusion and empowerment around the world." for the purpose of issuing these donations.